Not just a school.Your child's secondhome

School to transform kid to a star

Nation's Pride has a vision to convert every pupil into a future star and nation's real pride.Nation's Pride not only teaches its students the bookish course, but we have a vision of giving them life lessons.Inspired by the best foreign schools, Nation's Pride helps to build a positive personality of you child.When we receive your child from your hands, it becomes our responsibility.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Modern Teaching

We emphasize on modern way of teaching.We have an excellent faculty of teachers always working hard to produce unimaginable results, year-after-year.

Second family

Your kids are not just studnets for us.We really believe in the fact that schools should be second home for the kids.Our infrastructure is so built that it seems that kids are in the lap of the mother nature.Let your kids join in this extravaganza of knowledge.

Scientific thinking

We imbibe in our students the idea of scientific thinking from very beginning.From the very inception, they get to learn about the role the subjects play in their real life.We don't just want the kids to mug-up everything a top the exams.We want them to understand the value of these things in the real life.

  • Best Infrastructure

    We are still in our noble beginnings.It's still our inception year.But, we can proudly affirm that we have one of the best infrastructure in the city.Unlike other schools full of concrete pool, Nation's Pride feels like students are in lap of mother nature

    Students really enjoy the whole study procedure inside the campus.We have a tradition of keeping students updated with all the happenings.We have also planned an ultra-hitech library in the school so that schoolkids get the best and most out of this experience

We got 99 Problemsbut teaching 'aint one

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    Pictures help us capture moemnts.Take a look at some of the pics of the school during different fests taken by our professional photgraphers.

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    Take a look at our future plans.Have an idea of what we'll be next five years.Our humble beginnings are going to flourish because of our strong vision.

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