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Dear Parents of the Future Stars Of India,

We feel great elation in offering to you all, "Nation's Pride", the city's first school dedicated to nurturing young minds to become the finest citizens of this Great Nation of ours. We find the echo of our vision in the words of Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to set feet on the moon,"It is a small step for a man but a giant leap for mankind." In all humanity, we declare that those brought up by Nation's Pride shall surge forward with double the vigour of others. They shall be the harbingers of the best that is possible for the country, for the society and for their families. They shall excel, overcome, and dominate. They shall be the masters of their calling, champions of and slaves of the development of our country. In short, each one of them shall one day be 'Nation's Pride', hand crafted by their school- Nation's Pride. We begin with caution and modesty- the school admitting students for the academic year 2016-17. As we unfold the saga of a glorious chapter commencing this year, we offer our Vision Document to all of you with a humble request, "Come, share our dreams, live our dreams as we are going to live them and help us realize these dreams".

This Vision Document narrates the journey undertaken by us, the journey of HOPE, for all those children in the hinterlands of India whose talent pool is waiting to be utilised, waiting to be channelized, without looking to far off cities, without migrating to metropolitan cities, without paying offshore for quality education. We intend our students to excel all round but in the end we shall lay our emphasis not on churning out efficient machines, but moulding each kid into a sensible, sensitive and honest citizen of India. In the current turbulence of society this shall be our humble contribution.